I started reading Surfing Life Waves as soon as I got it this morning. I love it - insightful, poetic with a heart felt connection with natures beauty.
Ian Hutchinson
CEO, Life by Design
It is all about aligning yourself with the universe and go with the flow. It's about taking action rather than just sitting around waiting for something to happen.
Dennis Waller
Author and Top 500 Amazon Reviewer
Very inspirational and I really enjoyed it simple way of explaining how to live more positively... definitely worth taking a look at, you are sure to get something out of it even if you are not a surfer.
J. Hollister
Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

Interview with the Author

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Hi from the author

Hi and thanks for checking out the Surfing Life Waves website.

This short and sweet book was written in 2012, partly up in the Himalayas and partly in the midst of a Scandinavian winter. Both places are about as far from the surfing lifestyle as I've ever been.

I had been thinking a lot about using surfing as a metaphor for living a more fulfilled and exuberant life. With encouragement from friends and associates, these thoughts evolved into something tangible, and it has been incredible to hear that people from all around the world enjoyed the insights.

I hope you do too.

I'd love to hear what you think, so feel free to contact me on @bradleyhook or say hi on Facebook.

All the best,